Hastings Retains Christian Schools’ Exchange Trophy

Longburn Adventist College joined the Cornerstone-Hastings Christian School sports exchange for the first time this year. It was a full programme of action with three schools playing 12 codes over 24 hours.  The Cornerstone Boys performed well, winning Football and indoor Futsal games. The Cornerstone Girls’ teams contributed with wins in Netball and Volleyball. However, […]

Naphtali Win 2021 Cross Country

With the added challenges of Frisbee, BMX, a word find, and a colour run, Naphtali tribe tribe snuck ahead of a congested field at the 2021 Cross Country. Students walked to Linklater park for the event, which also has its own BMX track. Issachar tribe leader, Daniel Murray beat Head Boy Conrad de Groot in […]

Summer Games – April 2021

The Cornerstone Summer Games were about teamwork, and being good sports. Tribe groups worked together, with seniors often sacrificing competitiveness to help the younger members of their group. Once again, Mr McDonald set pretty tricky bible questions in the bible quizzes. The competition was quite even with all four tribes winning an age category.  Event […]

Secondary Athletics Day

It was a fun and successful day at the Massey Athletics track. The day began with Sports Prefect Abi praying for the competition, and ended wtih her giving Mr McDonald a ‘massive thanks’ for organising the event.  Results: At the time of writing, Naphtali tribe held a slender lead over Issachar in the Tribe Competition.  […]

Swimming Sports 2021

Swimming sports had much sunshine, sunscreen, chanting, splashing and fun at Makino pool today. Students competed in conventional strokes, as well as pushing noodles around the pool, raft and truck and trailer races, and the ever popular ‘pass the pupil’. For the first time, Year 5 and 6 students came for the end of day […]

Primary and Secondary Prize Giving 2020

Prize Giving was a day of celebrating learning, service and Christian character . The Primary Prize Giving ceremony held in the afternoon, and featured regular class performances. Principal Mr Mitchell was quick to highlight the successes and triumphs in this year that will be remembered for the adversity. The Secondary Prize Giving evening started with […]

Primary Athletics Almost Three Way Tie

Primary students ran, jumped and threw across eight disciplines in the Primary Athletics competition today.  Wynton Oldfield and Luke Meyer were the highest scoring athletes, winning the Year 5 and Year 3 boys’ competitions respectively. Issachar narrowly won the tribe competition. “It was the closest top three I’ve ever seen” described Mr McDonald of the […]

Students Win Black Shield for the first time

The annual Staff vs Year 13 Students competition was a surprise upset, where students beat staff for the first time. With basketball and hockey tournament wins, The 2020’s Year 13 group already had plenty of sporting prowess.  Game 1 – Futsal It was a physical and energy sapping game. The teachers opened the scoring, through […]