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Learn, serve and grow in God

Our vision is to be confident followers of Jesus Christ, equipped and inspired to creatively impact our world

D1 AH writing

Upcoming Events

Duke of Edinburgh practice tramps - Saturday 1st - Monday 3rd October


First day of Term 4 - Monday 10th October

Prayer group meets - Monday 10th October, 9am-9.30am in the library

2016 sports awards - Wednesday 12th October at 6pm

Y10/11 subject information evening - Thursday 13th October

Labour day - Monday 24th October

BOT meeting - Tuesday 25th October

Book week - Monday 31st October - Friday 4th November

CFG meeting - Tuesday 1st November

Y11 study leave begins - Monday 7th November

NCEA examinations begin - Wednesday 9th November

Y0-6 Athletics - Wednesday 9th November

Celebrating cultures day - Friday 25th November

Silver Duke of Edinburgh qualifying tramp - Saturday 3rd December - Monday 5th December

Y10 activities week - Monday 5th - Friday 9th December

Year 8 celebration - Wednesday 7th December, 6pm at Church on Vogel

End of year celebration - Monday 12th December

Last day of Term 4 - Thursday 15th December


2016 calendar click here


2017 Y9 orientation half-day - beginning of February (date to be advised)

2017 Senior secondary course confirmation - beginning of February (date to be advised)

First day of Term 1, 2017 - Tuesday 7th February

Cornerstone Gala - Saturday 25th February 2017


2017 calendar click here


C Y11 cropped with another studen

Principal's Update

Malo e lelei

One thing that is very important to us at Cornerstone is helping the children to develop Godly character. It starts with our devotions programme, which is at the beginning of each day in primary and after period 1 in secondary. During this, we teach aspects of God’s character, tips for Godly living, teaching around our values, peace-making strategies (biblical conflict resolution), Bible stories and Bible studies, prayer and worship. These thoughts then flow into all of the other teaching during the day. This term these are all encompassed under a term theme of “God is Number One”.

In primary school, the focus is to build solid foundations based on following Jesus Christ and to prepare students educationally for the next step. In secondary, the focus is to see their understanding of God flourish into a strong personal faith which will stand them in good stead through all of adult life’s ups and downs. We also want them to have an excellent education which will help them be prepared for their chosen vocation and life direction. Primary can be seen as building a rock – a sure foundation, whereas secondary is more like a springboard - giving them the skills and direction they need to leap into a bright future with Jesus Christ at the centre.

Our desire is to give the children strategies for life that will help them grow into successful Christian citizens who are “equipped and inspired to creatively impact our world”.

Many blessings,

Peter Ferrar


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GS Writing

School Announcements

Congratulations to Olivia De Groot, who was re-elected as the BOT's student trustee. Thanks to all those nominated.

We are advertising secondary teaching vacancies. Please click here for more information. 

Our fundraising page is regularly updated with information from the Cornerstone Fundraising Group. Recent updates include: upcoming opportunities for students to raise funds for 2017 extra-curricular camps and trips, and roles we need to fill to ahead of the 2017 gala. You can also learn what to do if you have a fundraising project or idea you would like the school to consider. Please click here to learn more.

Please click here for a preview of the Cornerstone Sports Awards, to be held at 6pm on Wednesday 12th October.

Parents and whanau are warmly invited to join our prayer group. This group meets in the library between 9am and 9.30am on Monday mornings to lift the school and community before the Lord in prayer.

The Education Review Office (ERO) reviews schools and publishes national reports on current education practice. The purpose of a review is to give parents and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education that the school provides. ERO's report on its recent review of Cornerstone Christian School may be downloaded here.

The school uniform shop, located at the student counter in the administration building, is open between 8.30am and 12.30pm during the school term. All items of our uniform (except shoes and Y1-Y6 socks) are available at the shop. For further information, including price lists, please click here.

Parents need to purchase a stationery pack for their child before they start school at Cornerstone. If your child is starting school before the end of 2016, please ask at reception for a stationery list. Stationery requirements for the New Year will once again be available at Office Max's retail outlet (Cnr Dahlia and Princess St), by phone: 0800 724 440 or via this link:


We have designed a brochure to help you to raise, at the appropriate level, any concerns you may have regarding classroom programmes, behaviour management, etc. Please download the brochure here.

Palmerston North is subject to power outages from time to time. When this occurs our computer and phone systems don't operate. If you need to contact the office to report an absence or any other information regarding your child during a power outage, please do so by phoning or texting our office cell phone: 027 315 7764.



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