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To be confident followers of Jesus Christ, equipped and inspired to creatively impact our world.

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Bus service: Learn more about the bus between Cornerstone and Feilding.

BYOD: Parents/caregivers of Y7-13 students have been asked to consider purchasing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for these students. Download recommendations.

Prayer group:Parents and whanau are warmly invited to join our prayer group. This group meets in the library between 9am and 9.30am on Monday mornings to lift the school and community before the Lord in prayer.

In a power outage: If you need to contact the office to report an absence or any other information regarding your child during a power outage, please do so by phoning or texting our office cell phone: 027 315 7764.

Concerns: We have designed a brochure to help you raise, at the appropriate level, any concerns you may have regarding classroom programmes, behaviour management etc. Download concerns brochure

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Upcoming Events

  • Mon 19 Nov - Y10 exams begin
  • Fri 23 Nov - Y0-6 athletics
  • Wed 28 Nov - Y6 interschool athletics
  • Thu 29 Nov - Y13 leavers' dinner
  • Mon 3 Dec - Y10 camp week
  • Mon 3 Dec - Y9 activities week
  • Sat 8 Dec - Y13 graduation supper, 7pm
  • Wed 12 Dec - Top tribe day
  • Thu 13 Dec - Y1-6 prizegiving 
  • Thu 13 Dec - Y7-13 prizegiving, 6.30pm
  • Fri 14 Dec - Last day for Y1-10

 Download 2019 calendar

  • Tue 29 Jan - Y11-13 course confirmation 1-3pm
  • Wed 30 Jan - Y13 marae stay and leadership day (ends Thu 31 Jan)
  • Thu 31 Jan - Y9 marae stay and induction day (ends Fri 1 Feb)
  • Mon 4 Feb - Term 1 begins
  • Wed 6 Feb - Waitangi day
  • Wed 13 Feb - Vanuatu parent evening
  • Thu 14 Feb - Y7-13 swimming sports
  • Wed 20 Feb - Y13 leadership camp (ends Fri 22 Feb)
  • Tue 26 Feb - Y7-8 parent information meeting
  • Fri 1 Mar - Y7-13 athletics
  • Wed 6 Mar - NCEA parent info evening


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Enrolments: Learn about our enrolment process or download our enrolment forms.

Stationery packs: Parents need to purchase their child's stationery pack before their first day at school. Packs are available from Office Max's retail outlet (Cnr Dahlia and Princess St), by phone: 0800 724 440 or at OfficeMax Online.

School uniform: All items of uniform (except shoes, Y1-Y6 socks and Y11-13 white PE socks) are available at the uniform shop, located at the student counter in the administration building. Opening hours are 8.30am - 12:30pm. For enquiries, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Download uniform price list

Cornerstone Preschool operates on the same site as the school, but is a separate entity. Read about our preschool.




Contact Us

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