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Cornerstone Christian School is a vibrant learning community focused on growing children as responsible, responsive and competent young disciples of Christ.

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Upcoming Events

Cornerstone Fundraising Group meeting - Monday 28th July at 7pm in the staffroom - all parents welcome

Principal's parent advisory meeting - Wednesday 30th July at 1.30pm in the staffroom - cyber-safety theme - all parents welcome

Cornerstone science celebration - Thursday 31st July 8:45am-6.30pm in the school library - marked technology, science and CREST projects and science badges will be on display - all whanau welcome

Health curriculum consultation - Thursday 31st July at 6.30pm in the staffroom - all parents of Y7/8s are encouraged to attend

Secondary update for parents of Y8 students - latest curriculum and policy developments - Tuesday 12th August at 6pm in the staffroom

Pasifika consultation meeting - Thursday 14th August at 5.30pm in the staffroom

School assembly - Monday 1st September at 9.15am - all parents welcome

Last day of Term 3 - Friday 26th September

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Principal's Update

This year we have adopted the core values of Respect, Diligence, Integrity and Kindness. One to be taught each term alongside the devotional themes of God is Sovereign (term 1), God is Creator (term 2), God is Holy (term 3) and God is Redeemer (term 4).  

We have also adopted an underpinning value of Humility before God. In classes, and as a staff, we are currently unpacking these values and seeking to understand what they mean in a real life context.

In the above diagram a tree is represented. This tree is the one spoken of in Psalm 1 which represents a person "whose leaf does not wither" and which "brings forth fruit in its season" and whatever they "do they prosper" because their "delight is in the law of the Lord".

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School Announcements

Construction of the school's first multi-purpose, two-storey secondary block has begun. Please click here to learn more.

A vacancy has arisen for a highly competent Executive Officer to undertake financial, payroll and property functions. To learn more please click here.

During Term 3 we will be advertising for passionate and dedicated secondary staff for 2015, to complement our excellent team of secondary teachers.

We are regularly updating the secondary curriculum section of the website. Please click here to read more.

A brochure has been designed to assist you to raise, at the appropriate level, any concerns that may arise regarding classroom programmes, behaviour management etc. Please download these guidelines here.

Keep updated on Cornerstone's sports news (upcoming events, draws, results, players-of-the-day etc.) by viewing Cornerstone's sports website. To view the sports website, please click on the picture below.
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