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Upcoming Events

Queen's birthday - Monday 1st June

School assembly - Monday 8th June at 9:15am in the staffroom/library - whānau welcome

Māori whānau consultation evening - Tuesday 9th June at 6pm - Maori whānau are encouraged to attend

Secondary open day - Monday 15th June, 10:00am-12:30pm

Cornerstone Noah's ark pet parade - Thursday 18th June at 1.30pm - family pets and whānau welcome

Nepal sausage sizzle fundraiser - Thursday 18th June 1.30pm-3pm

Tuesday 23rd June - Board of Trustees meeting

Parent-teacher interviews - Tuesday 30th June and Wednesday 1st July

Mufti day - Friday 3rd July

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Principal's Update

Malo e lelei,

The first two days of this term were an extended holiday for the children, but the staff were hard at work being part of a conference we held here, with five other Christian schools, on how to have a culture of peace within school.

Peacemaker training

We are embarking down a journey of developing programmes and resources for teaching the children ways to resolve conflict which are biblical and God glorifying. Conflict is a part of life and is often something we shy away from and find difficult, but it can also be seen as an opportunity to develop authentic Christianity. We want to give our students strategies to use to resolve issues when they encounter meanness, arguments, conflicting points of view or bullying behaviours. Our “peacemaker” material is based around the 4 Gs (which comes from a book called “The Peacemaker” by Ken Sande):

In any conflict:

  1. Seek to Glorify God. Instead of focussing on our own desires or dwelling on what others may do, we seek to bring him praise, depending on his forgiveness, wisdom, power and love, to maintain a loving, merciful and forgiving attitude.
  2. Get the log out of our own eyes first. Instead of blaming others for a conflict or resisting correction we will look first to our part in the conflict and getting our attitudes and habits right before looking at the other person.
  3. Gently restore. Instead of pretending that conflict doesn’t occur or talking about others behind their backs, we will seek to overlook offences where they can be overlooked or initiate conversations (or get assistance with these) with the person concerned when the situation is more serious (or on-going).
  4. Go and be reconciled. We will seek reconciliation with someone we have conflict with as the best way to resolve differences.

The children will also become very familiar with the diagram below; a tool which, properly applied, will help them learn to resolve conflict well.

The Slippery Slope

I think that forgiveness and resolving conflict is the hardest part of being a Christian, but it is something God requires of us (the whole chapter of Matthew 18 is pertinent here). We want to give the children tools to be able to process through conflicts in a God-glorifying manner, while they are children, so that, when they are adults, they will be much better prepared to live their lives in a manner which really pleases our heavenly father and is salt and light to the people around them.

Peter Ferrar

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School Announcements

School will be closed for the day on Monday 1st June to celebrate Queen's birthday.

Work has recently been carried out on the school website making it user friendly for both Apple and Android devices.

Parents who will have children in Year 9 in 2016 are invited to attend our Secondary open day, 10am-12:30pm on Monday 15th June.

Year 7-10 students are selling family pies to raise funds for EOTC trips (ski trip and sports tournaments). Please order pies from a student you know or take your order to the school office. Order forms may be downloaded here.

Whānau of our Māori students are warmly invited to attend a consultation evening at 6pm on Tuesday 9th June in the staff room. The purpose of the evening is to discuss the school's proposed way ahead with meeting the needs of our Māori students and our focus on Māori student achievement in Term 3.

Parents who did not attend the Digital Learning in Cornerstone Secondary information evening on 19th May, may view the slides here.

We are now able to offer NCEA to senior students. Please click here to download our Pupil and Parent NCEA handbook.

Keeping Ourselves Safe - CyberBullying Programme. This term, the police will be working in classes teaching this important topic. This programme has been accessed in response to parental concerns around online safety of students that were raised at a parent consultation evening last year. The programme will include three sessions for all students from year 4 to 8 from weeks three to week six. The aim of the programme is for students to gain an awareness of how to stay safe online and some simple do's and don'ts on the internet.

Work is set to begin to install school zone signs which will activate around 9am and 3pm to help make our busy road frontages safer for our students.

We recently began to document how the vision, key competencies, learning areas, values and principles of The NZ Curriculum are outworked at Cornerstone. Please click here to learn more.

Prior to starting at Cornerstone, parents need to purchase stationery packs for their children. Office Max have lists of the stationery required by children at different year levels and can supply these at very competitive prices. Packs may be purchased from their retail outlet, by phone: 0800 724 440 or via this link:


We sell all of our uniform (except shoes and Y1-Y6 socks) from the school uniform shop. The shop is located at the student counter in the administration building and it is open 8.30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday, during term time. For further information, including price lists, please click here.

We have designed a brochure to help you to raise, at the appropriate level, any concerns you may have regarding classroom programmes, behaviour management, etc. Please download the brochure here.

Palmerston North is subject to power outages from time to time. When this occurs our computer and phone systems don't operate. If you need to contact the office to report an absence or any other information regarding your child during a power outage, please do so by phoning or texting our office cell phone: 027 315 7764.

Parents often ask us what they can do to support their child's learning. Please click here for some tips.



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