Enrolment Forms

Applying for enrolment

You may download our application documents below or pick up an enrolment pack from the school office. Please return the completed application documents to enrol@cornerstone.ac.nz or: The Enrolment Registrar, Cornerstone Christian School, 119 Mihaere Drive, Palmerston North 4414. We will contact you when your application documents have been received. If you have any questions, please contact the Enrolment Registrar (extn 6103).

Download forms:

Application for enrolment form

Pastor’s reference form

Living address verification form 

Learning pathways verification form


  • A parent/primary caregiver needs to agree with and sign the enrolment agreement on the Application for enrolment form.
  • A parent/primary caregiver needs to fill in and sign the Living address verification form and provide proof of the living address (e.g. a copy of a rates notice, rental agreement, utility bill or bank statement which links the parent/primary caregiver to the living address).
  • If the enrolment form indicates that a parent/primary caregiver of the child regularly attends an established Christian church, you will need to ask the church’s senior pastor/elder/minister/priest to fill in and return the Pastor’s reference form.
  • If the enrolment form indicates that the child attends one of the early childhood centres named in the enrolment scheme, you will need to ask the centre supervisor to fill in a Learning pathways verification form.
  • We require proof of the child’s eligibility to enrol at Cornerstone Christian School (most commonly a copy of a NZ birth certificate, NZ or Australian passport, NZ residency visa or a NZ student visa which does not name a school). In the case of a child who is not yet five and has not been issued with a suitable visa, a copy of the parent/caregiver’s visa may be supplied pending the issuing of a suitable visa for the child (which must however be supplied before the child starts school).
  • We require a copy of the child’s immunisation records or a letter from their GP stating that the parent/primary caregiver has chosen not to have them immunised. 
  • If you are applying for enrolment for a child who is at another school, we require a copy of the child’s most recent school report to assist with class placement. For students enrolling in years 11-13, an up-to-date NCEA summary is also required.

    More information 

    Enrolment overview     Enrolment scheme    If you have any questions, please contact the Enrolment Registrar (extn 6103).