School will be closed for instruction for all students on Thursday 20th May. This day is a teacher only day (set by the Post Primary Teachers' Association).
We require more NZ registered relief teachers.
See Vacancies.
Applications for 2021 enrolment have closed. As we are at our maximum roll of 580 students, not all students who applied for enrolment could be offered a place. Places available were allocated in line with the school's enrolment scheme. A copy of the waiting list for 2021 may be viewed at reception. Applications for 2022 enrolment will close in August/September 2021 (date to be advised). Learn more about enrolment.
Parents/caregivers of Y7-13 students have been asked to consider purchasing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for these students. Learn more
Please follow our concerns procedure to raise, at the appropriate level, any concerns you may have regarding classroom programmes, behaviour management etc.
Parents and whānau are warmly invited to join our prayer group. This group meets between 9:00am and 9.30am on Monday mornings to lift the school and community before the Lord in prayer. Please enquire at reception to find out where the prayer group is meeting.

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