School Board

As a state integrated school, Cornerstone Christian School is a part of the state education system. Like other state schools, it is governed by a Board. The Board is responsible for strategic governance, whereas the Principal is the Board’s CEO and is responsible for the management of the school.

The Board is made up of the Principal, one elected staff member, five elected parent members, one elected student member (who must be in Year 9 or above) and up to four members who are appointed by the school’s Proprietor.

Parent and staff member elections are held every three years and will next occur in 2022. Student member elections are held annually in September. If you are willing to invest your time into governance, for the benefit of all of our students, we encourage you to consider being nominated for election. The NZ School Trustees’ Association has produced an informative booklet which outlines the responsibilities, role and make-up of school Boards. 

Download NZSTA booklet.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held once a month and follow a set agenda that is finalised by the Principal and Presiding Board Member (formerly chairperson) a week prior. Board members are required to read any reports/discussion papers sent to them prior to the meeting so that they are well informed and able to participate in decision-making. The Board agenda and minutes are available for the public to view and may be obtained by contacting the school office. Parents and other members of the public are welcome to attend Board meetings, but they do not have automatic speaking rights.

The role of the Board is defined in its governance manual: Download governance manual

Current Cornerstone Christian School Board

  • Chris Mitchell – Principal
  • Conrad De Groot – Student board member
  • Heslia Swanepoel – Staff board member
  • Jo Auer – Presiding board member (formerly ‘chairperson’)
  • Braden Simpson – Parent board member (Deputy Presiding board member)
  • Anthony Budd – Parent board member
  • Shannon King – Parent board member
  • Rachel Burn – Proprietor board member
  • Glenn De Groot – Proprietor board member
  • Simon McCracken – Proprietor board member
  • Richard Tankersley – Proprietor board member

The strategic plan is contained in the Charter. Each year, the school reports its progress against the goals outlined in the charter in the annual report.