School Hours

Daily Student Timetable

9:00am – School day starts 
11:00am – 11:30am – Interval 
12:50pm – 1:40pm – Lunch 
3:00pm – School day ends

To ensure safety of our students they should be dropped off at school after 8.30am and collected before 3.15pm when school staff are available on school grounds. Care and supervision of children is parents’ responsibility outside of these times.

Aroha Team students (Years 1-3) must be personally collected from their classroom at the end of the day.

School office hours

The school office is open 8.30am-3.30pm during the school term.

Uniform shop hours

The uniform shop is open 1.45pm – 3.15pm during the school term.

It is also open in the week before school starts for the year when, as it is a busy time, an appointment is required. To book an appointment, please email Or read more Our Uniform.