Year 13s Narrowly Win over Staff Team

As part of the farewell activities to leaving Year 13 students, this week a series of staff vs student games were played.

Day 1 – Fat Mat Rounders

Year 13s celebrating winning Fat Mat rounders.

Fat Mat Rounders is like baseball, but with giant fat mats for bases, and you can kick or throw the ball.

The staff got off to a good start with some sneaky plays and a big catch from Mr Doody in the deep. Despite aggressive obstruction from James and Seth, Mrs MacAuley still got through, and the staff took a two point lead.

The second round was huge for the staff, with Mr Bell and Mr Doody both throwing home runs. Mr Korkie showed he had a powerful arm, and the students were skittled for two points – The staff then went ahead 11 to 6.

In the final round, the staff were all style, and no substance, with a few giant swan-dives, but no points. Mr Groube was mercilessly tagged just short of home base by an agile Elisha to end the round (pictured). That left the students behind by five in their last bat. Caleb fully committed to the cause, and Josh showed his sprint prowess, easily rounding the diamond. Mr Mitchell was skilled in the field, and Mrs Fletcher fearless, however it wasn’t enough as the students scored seven points. 

The final score was 13:11 to the students, however the teachers also celebrated that none of them were injured.

Weekly Score: Staff: 0, Year 13s: 1

Day 2 – Multisport

The Staff Team in good spirits despite the loss

Multisport is a fast paced, non-stop event rotating through several sports.

The competition started out very even. Year 13 team dominated basketball thanks to the slick passing of Talaiasi and Jesse. The staff team had a few wins in football thanks to Mrs Fletcher’s passing vision, and Mr Doody’s silky dribbling.

By the half way point the Year 13s drew ahead with relentless pressure – Loisi made a huge tackle in Netball. The teacher team began tiring, due to fewer players (not age). The final round was an all-in game of netball. Mr Jayasuriya made two key intercepts. His end to end pass was a thing of beauty, and Mr Bell’s shot was looking good until Talaiasi swooped out of the sky, plucking the ball from the hoop. It wouldn’t have made a difference however, with the final score being 8:6 to the Year 13s.

Weekly Score: Staff: 0, Year 13s: 2 

Day 3 – Volleyball

Mrs MacAuley with the block

Another day, another sport, another narrow win to the students. 

The staff got off to a poor start, with a height disadvantage, a jumping disadvantage, and sorely missing their talismanic leader – Mr Jayasuriya. They made an unlikely resurgence in the first game, with first-time-volleyballer Mrs Korkie scoring off five serves in a row. Her unorthodox serving technique making the court look small. Mr Doody had quick reactions and Mrs Marx fully committed, however it wasn’t enough. Manawatu Volleyball Representative Diane was ruthless. Head Boy Josh flew into his serves, and James actually knew the rules.

Winning Student Team

Having already lost by two sets, the student team generously offered a final round as double points, and something unexpected happened – the staff got off to a 7:2 lead, with Mrs Korkie’s ace serves. Mrs MacAuley pulled out a huge spike against Jacob and Talaiasi to keep the teachers in it. Samson did his best to hold back the inevitable student resurgence, tying the score at 18 all, however, Sports Prefect Talaiasi delivered the final blow to win the event 20:18 for the Year 13s. 

Weekly Score: Staff: 0, Year 13s: 3

Day 4 – President Card Game

In a single round of 5v5, with some complex rules (consecutive is ok, but only backwards on 9s?), the students eclipsed the teachers’ score with a 28:27 final score. 

Day 5 – Jack Box Games

For the first time in the competition, the teacher team had more members than the student team. The staff were then subjected to a student-chosen ‘trivia murder party’, a fatalistic story based game. Mr Groube had a strong start for the staff team, knowing the plurals of cactus and vertebrae. Mrs Brooking was the first person eliminated, with the teacher team mourning the loss of her voice of calmness. 

Before long, there were only three people left, Mr Bell, Miss MacAuley and Mrs Anderson. They all knew what class of animal a ‘sugar glider’ is. Mr Bell was knocked out first, followed by Miss MacAuley who was cruelly eliminated by vote. This left Mrs Anderson as the overall Jack Box Games champion – winning the staff teams first and only event. 

Weekly Score: Staff: 1, Year 13s: 4

The students comfortably won the Mr Black Shield for Staff vs leaving Year 13 games. 

The winning staff JackBox Games team