Cornerstone boasts a number of performing arts and cultural groups. We encourage our students to get involved in performing arts tribe competitions, music, dance and cultural groups. We have three age-group kapahaka groups and a number of age-group worship bands. We participate in local Pacifika, Rockquest, Chamber Music, DanceNZmade, and Rotary Music Festival activities.

Itinerant music lessons are available onsite, during and outside of school hours with piano, guitar, and vocal lessons most popular. Epic Music Academy is popular for fun and affordable instrument lessons.  

Cultures Day: is a popular annual celebration of the many school cultures that make up our school and the kingdom of God. All members of the school community are encouraged to dress in their own cultural attire and to bring a dish and/or performance from their home country.

Recent Cultural News Articles

Cultures Day – Wow

With 46 different ethnicities, Cornerstone’s annual Cultures Day was a diverse mosaic of colours, costumes, and cuisines. It was a big day for the student Cultures Committee, who organised and hosted the activities.  The ‘each country at a time parade’ was a new feature this year, giving students a chance to look at traditional costumes from various countries. There were…

Secondary Drama’s Hilarious Christmas Story

Students wrote the script, directed the scenes and performed their own version of the Christmas story. It was a child friendly, and utterly hilarious show. Mr Mitchell’s favourite part was the princess aspirations of angel Gabriella. Others preferred the very animated cows, or the showdown between the wise men and the shepherds, both racing to find baby Jesus first. At…

Naphtali Win Parables Competition

A dancing tree, dodgy version of uber, and a saxophone solo were memorable highlights in this year’s Living Stones Parable competition. Tribes were tasked to tell a parable in around 10 minutes. Audiences were wowed with elaborate costumes, props, backdrops, dance, song,videos, and one tribe even had a chaotic lolly scramble.  Judah from Asher tribe might win the award for…

Danny and the Shacks – Primary Production

“Danny and the Shacks” followed the story of brave follower Daniel, and his three friends as they made some brave choices. With two sold out shows at Wallace Theatre, the 90 minute show featured song, dance and an important story. Many were enamoured by Penelope’s eloquent pronunciation as Helga, charmed by Caleb’s pizazz as the king, and loved Liam’s portrayal…

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