School Costs

There are two types of costs payable by parents of students at Cornerstone:

  • Attendance Dues, paid to the proprietor, which are a compulsory fee allowed for in legislation.
    These range from $682.50 to $1,225 per child per year, and are typically paid in instalments. 
  • Other Costs, paid to the school, for items that students get to keep (e.g. uniforms, calculators, technology projects).

Proprietor Attendance Dues

Attendance dues are a charge from the proprietor, the Cornerstone Christian Education Trust, to cover costs related to buildings, grounds, insurance, capital works, etc. These costs are funded by the proprietor, not by the state, and in exchange the proprietor is permitted to operate a special character school. The proprietor is committed to providing high quality facilities and attendance dues are a key source of revenue allowing it to do so.

Attendance dues are based on the level of revenue the proprietor requires in order to meet its financial commitments, e.g. loan repayment, building, maintenance and insurance of school buildings. 

Attendance dues levels

The level of attendance dues for Years 0-8 is $975 per year. The level of attendance dues for Years 9-13 is $1,225 per year. The two levels reflect that the costs associated with providing secondary education are significantly higher than those associated with providing primary education. 

Attendance dues charged annually per child

  • Weekly:  $18.75 (Year 0 – 8), or $23.56 (Year 9 – 13)
  • Fortnightly: $37.50 (Year 0 – 8), or $47.12 (Year 9 – 13)
  • Quarterly: $243.75 (Year 0 – 8), or $306.25 (Year 9 – 13)
  • Annually: $975 (Year 0 – 8), or $1,225 (Year 9 – 13)

Any family that has three or more children attending the school at the same time will be eligible for a 30% subsidy off the full level of attendance dues for the third and subsequent children. Attendance dues are processed in order of the children’s ages, from oldest to youngest, so the oldest two children enrolled at the school will be charged at the full rate. The subsidised levels for the third and subsequent children are $682.50 per year for Years 0-8 and $857.50 per year for Years 9-13. 

Attendance dues charged annually per child for the 3rd and subsequent children in a family who are enrolled at Cornerstone Christian School concurrently.

  • Weekly: $13.13 (Year 0 – 8), or $16.49 (Year 9 – 13)
  • Fortnightly: $26.25 (Year 0 – 8), or $32.98 (Year 9 – 13)
  • Quarterly: $170.63 (Year 0 – 8), or $ 214.38 (Year 9 – 13)
  • Annually: $682.50 (Year 0 – 8), or $857.50 (Year 9 – 13)

Attendance dues payment: Enrolment and attendance are conditional upon ongoing payment of attendance dues. The Proprietor expects for the attendance dues to be paid in full each year. The preferred method of payment is by regular automatic payments and this can be arranged by internet banking. The Proprietor’s bank account details are:

Name of account:  CCET(CCS)
Bank, branch:        ANZ, Palmerston North
Account number:   06 0746 0179676 04

Please add the account code (written on the invoice) and the parent’s last name and initials in the particulars field so that the Proprietor knows whose attendance dues to apply the payment to.

Parents wanting to discuss their attendance dues account should contact Sarndra Rauzi, ph. (06) 356 7326 extension 6103.

Other Costs

Parents are charged by Cornerstone Christian School for:

  • School uniforms, as purchased from our school office. 
  • Equipment purchased through the school, e.g. calculators and Secondary workbooks (especially at NCEA levels).
  • Technology items that students in Years 7-10 take home. Parents will be notified of any costs in advance.
  • Extra-curricular sports. Parents will be notified of the costs of their child participating in any particular sports team prior to registration day. Students whose parents agree for them to participate will be placed in a team once payment has been made at the school office.

Payment is required prior to goods being taken, placement in a sports teams being finalised etc. Payment options include my kindo, internet banking, and eftpos (at the school office).

See how to make Payments to School page for instructions on My Kindo and Internet Banking. 

Other Costs Hardship fund 

A limited fund has been set up to assist families with costs in instances where they are having difficulty paying for essential school-related items (e.g. uniforms or stationery). This fund is administered by the Principal. To learn more, please contact the Principal’s PA, Rebecca Jorgensen, (06) 356 7326 ext. 6102.

Note that this fund is not for attendance dues which are a Proprietor cost and as such are separate from the school.