Special Character

The Special Character of Cornerstone Christian School is defined in the integration agreement between the Ministry of Education and the school’ proprietor, the Cornerstone Christian Education Trust.

Special Character definition

Cornerstone Christian School is a Christian School established by and for parents choosing a God-centred education for their children.

Because God is (i) the creator of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible, sustaining and ruling over all creation, including man….; and is (ii) the source of all wisdom and knowledge; God the Father, Jesus his Son, and the Holy Spirit are relevant to every area of study and endeavour at the school. 

The school reflects this by:

  • using the Bible as the basis for exploring God’s world, and as a standard against which to compare and interpret all curriculum material.
  • [daily] teaching of Christian values and behaviour through the process of acknowledgement of sin, repentance, and accepting Jesus’ gift of grace.
  • using [daily] prayer as a key tool in learning, inviting the Holy Spirit into every learning situation.
  • encouraging each student to give of their best because God creates and equips each person for their unique role in His service, and acknowledging achievement in accordance with the student’s effort.
  • inextricably integrating knowledge of the world and Christian beliefs, through an integrated approach of an appropriate Christian curriculum and developed programme plans.
  • acting as a continuum and extension of the teaching provided in Christian homes.
  • providing an environment where children, parents, and teachers can experience Godly relationships, showing the character of Christ in love, discipline, respect, honour and trust, and witness and exemplary demonstration of Biblical truths in the lives of others.

The Christian Special Character of the school is determined by the faith system made up of the Christian beliefs, Biblical values and lifestyle as determined by the Trustees of the Cornerstone Christian Education Trust. Download the Statement of Faith which contains the Christian beliefs which are foundational to Cornerstone Christian School.

School mission, vision and motto

  • The mission statement of the school is: “To provide, with parents, a balanced Christian education to help children develop to their full potential in God”.
  • The vision statement of the school is: “To be confident followers of Jesus Christ, equipped and inspired to creatively impact our world”.
  • The motto of the school is: “Learn, Serve and Grow in God”.

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