School Proprietor

To enable integration to take place, the school property and buildings had to be owned by a single body. In 1994, the P.N. New Life Centre Charitable Trust agreed to buy the school buildings and to become the Proprietor of the school. The Proprietor is also charged with safeguarding the Christian Special Character of the school.

The P.N. New Life Centre Charitable Trust remained the school’s Proprietor until December 2014, when the Ministry of Education agreed to transfer the proprietorship to the Cornerstone Christian Education Trust.

While the Proprietor (the Cornerstone Christian Education Trust) takes responsibility for our special character and facilities, the Ministry of Education agrees to fund the teachers’ salaries and school operating costs. The Proprietor is legally entitled to appoint up to four representatives to the Cornerstone Christian School Board, the body corporate which governs the school.

Mrs Sarndra Rauzi is employed by the Trust in the role of Executive Officer and can be contacted as follows: