Cornerstone Christian Preschool (CCP) is located on the same site as Cornerstone Christian School (CCS). The Preschool is a licensed early childhood centre and a separate legal entity from CCS, with separate enrolment procedures. Enrolment at CCP does not guarantee future enrolment at CCS. CCP is however one of the ECEs named in CCS’s enrolment scheme, which allows CCP students a level of priority for enrolment (e) at CCS. Full details of the school’s enrolment scheme are available in the CCS enrolment scheme.

Cornerstone Christian Preschool is a family based, licensed Preschool providing quality Christian early education, assisting parents to raise their children in the ways of God.

The Preschool is operated by a Management Committee consisting of parents, staff and Cornerstone Christian Education Trust representatives.

Please download the documents below to learn more about the Preschool or print enrolment documents.

Contact us

Cornerstone Christian Preschool
63 Roberts Line
Kelvin Grove
Palmerston North 4414

Phone 06 356 5452