School Houses

On enrolment at Cornerstone each student is allocated a tribe (or house) for the purposes of inter-tribe events and competitions within the school.

The four tribes are:

  • Asher (green),
  • Issachar (yellow).
  • Naphtali (blue),
  • Zebulun (red)

Tribe competitions take place throughout the year, and include Athletics, Swimming, and team sports, in the summer, as well as Bible quizzes, and Performing Arts in the winter. Students are encouraged to compete in events wearing their tribe colours.

Read more about Tribe results at Cornerstone’s Dedicated Sports Website.

Current Tribe Competition Standings

Recent Tribe Competition News

Clouds Clear for Primary Athletics

Students ran, jumped, threw, and hopped all day today in their tribe colours at our annual Primary  School Athletics. Final results have yet to come in, however early results place Naphtali Tribe slightly ahead of Asher and Issachar thanks to the relay races. Thanks to all the parents who came along to help and support.  Photos by Susila Anthony

Naphtali Win Parables Competition

A dancing tree, dodgy version of uber, and a saxophone solo were memorable highlights in this year’s Living Stones Parable competition. Tribes were tasked to tell a parable in around 10 minutes. Audiences were wowed with elaborate costumes, props, backdrops, dance, song,videos, and one tribe even had a chaotic lolly scramble.  Judah from Asher tribe might win the award for…

Naphtali Win Family Tribe Carnival

From bottle-flipping, to math tangrams, to bouncy castle sliding, Naphtali tribe dominated our end of term Tribe competition. The light-hearted competition was judged partly on our school values of kindness, and integrity. One of the advantages of a Year 1 – 13 area school is the family and community feel. Tribe teams were organised in family groups, who travelled together…

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