The purpose we see for sport at Cornerstone Christian School is to encourage the development of sport as a Godly pursuit impacting:

  • Children’s physical development, of their bodies that God has created.
  • Children’s spiritual development, in doing their best for God.
  • Children’s mental development, in learning to make right, instant  decisions.
  • Children’s spatial development, in being aware of things happening around them, to others and to themselves.
  • Community building.

Please note that students will need to use their school email and password to access some of the information on the sports website.

Visit Cornerstone’s dedicated sports website.




Please view the CCS Sport Guidelines here:  CCS Sport Guidelines

These guidelines are set out to establish the rationale for sport at CCS and state the expectations for participants involved in sport at CCS. It serves as a framework for promoting fair play, ethical behaviour, and respect among athletes, coaches and support staff, officials, and spectators.

Recent Sporting News Articles

Year 13s Narrowly Win over Staff Team

As part of the farewell activities to leaving Year 13 students, this week a series of staff vs student games were played. Day 1 – Fat Mat Rounders Fat Mat Rounders is like baseball, but with giant fat mats for bases, and you can kick or throw the ball. The staff got off to a good start with some sneaky…

Cornerstone Win Table Tennis Plate at National AIMs Games

Around 13,000 Year 7 and 8 children from around the country attended Aims Games this week. Cornerstone sent a team of our best six Table Tennis and Badminton players to to the Tauranga tournament. Cornerstone’s all male team were notable for the kindness and respect they showed their opposition. The boys also performed very well:  In Table Tennis doubles, Sam…

Issachar Tribe Win Secondary Football and Bible Quiz

Starting this week in last place, Issachar Tribe won both Tribe football and the Secondary Bible Quiz to now sit atop the House Competition standings.  Football: Thursday lunchtime saw reining champions Asher tribe meet  2021 last placed Issachar in the Tribe Football final. Asher had convincingly defeated Zebulun tribe a few weeks earlier, while Issachar had a tough battle with…