Two podium finishes for Cornerstone at Mathex

Teams of four of the best ‘Mathletes’ from schools all around the region gathered at the Awapuni Racecourse today to compete in the annual Mathex competition. Puzzle questions such as “what is 14 times pi?” had teams wishing for a calculator. 

Competing against schools up to 10 times our year group size, Cornerstone students from Tumanako and Whakapono teams performed particularly well. The Year 5 team placed 2nd out of 17 schools. The Year 6s finished 4th, 1 point behind 2nd equal. The Year 7s came in 10th, and the Year 8s earned an impressive 2nd. 

Charlie Weel, a delighted Year 8 was proud of her team after improving much on the previous year. She quickly acknowledged the skills of her teammates, showing the school value of humility. She also wanted to thank the school and teachers for their training. Mrs Olsen in particular was generous with her time and encouragement of the teams. 

Congratulations to all those involved, and thanks to the Manawatu Math Teachers Association for a well run event.