Rewards Afternoon a Blast

After reaching the goal of earning 10,000 Tuakiri Tokens, secondary students qualified for a whole school reward. Students can earn the tokens by showing any of our school values: Diligence, Respect, Integrity, Kindness or Humility.


Before the ice-blocks at lunch on the sunny spring day, secondary students also got to choose their morning activity. Some students chose the quietness of puzzles and wordfinds. Others preferred to battle in laser tag on the fitness circuit. Battling in a minecraft world was also very popular.

The teacher in charge of Cornerstone’s ‘Positive Behaviour For Learning’ programme is Mr Jayasuriya. He supervised a group who made an (and enjoyed) lolly-cake. “It’s great to see the students enjoying all of the rewards they’ve earned.” he reported. 

It was very cool – reported senior Daniel Murray, who relished a competitive game of knucklebones in L5. “The Ice-blocks were delicious, on such a sunny day” added senior Devon Snedden.