Year 10 Tradefair

Hot dogs, Donuts, Hamburgers, and Hot Chips warmed up our students on a cold lunchtime today. Drinks, Kebabs, and Sushi were also on sold today by our Year 10 Business Studies class. The goal is to give students real world experience in running a business and experiencing all the transferrable skills that entails. 

The donut boys were first to sell out, with primary students particularly enjoying their sprinkles. However it was the Sushi selling business named ‘Swushi’ that impressed Mrs Wucherpfennig. “They were just so well prepared, and well organised. They had all their supplies premade, and just had to box and sauce them on the day” said the business teacher. 

Thanks to all the parents that supported, provided ingredients, encouraged good hygiene advice and contributed towards the learning event. 

Photos by Hannah Ashburner and Staff.