Pink Shirts, Biscuits, Faces at Pink Shirt Day

Teachers braved the brushes letting students paint their faces pink for charity at Pink Shirt Day 2021. The ‘pink mufti’ day invited pink tutus, pink hair dye, pink leg warmers and no shortage of pink glitter. The event was in honour of the “stand up, speak up, stop bullying’ message.

Principal Chris Mitchell was one of the staff who volunteered his face to be auctioned for pink face paint. “Any excuse to stand against bullying is worth supporting”, he explained. He was also quick to congratulate the students running the day.

Year 12 Ben Grant spoke in secondary assembly, about how God intentionally made everyone in God’s own image, and therefore we should get our self worth and value from God. 

The student Well-Being Committee offered a popular ‘decorate your own pink biscuits’ activity, a and costume competition. Students were invited to contribute to a banner, and participate in the paint a teacher’s face auction. Emily, who heads up the Well-Being Committee was quick to thank her team for helping out. She also wanted to acknowledge the brave teachers for offering up their faces. 

Selling for a massive $50, after a towering opening $25 bid, Mr Ian Groube, the Assistant Principal of Lower Secondary was the most popular teacher at the auction. His successful bidders decorated the math teacher’s face with pink and black algebraic equations. 

Mrs Raeleen Simpson didn’t have time to remove her face paint before lunch finished, and sported a stylish handle-bar moustache and a pink forehead to her next class. Her Daughter Anya was in a group that won her auction, reportedly saying “That’s the best $10 I ever spent”. 

Proceed from Pink Shirt Day go to local teen health charity Youth One Stop Shop.