2018’s Excellent NCEA Results Released

External NCEA results for 2018 have been released, with Cornerstone students enjoying the convenience of sitting examinations actually at our own school for the first time.

When looking at academic results, it is important to acknowledge that “Diligence” is only one of our five school values, and we also aim for students to develop kindness, integrity, etc. However it is also important to celebrate and congratulate our students who have worked very diligently for these results. Highlights of this year’s results:

  • Once again 100% of Level 1 and 100% of Level 2 students achieved their NCEA qualification
  • 92% of students who finished Year 13, acquired University entrance.
  • Across NCEA Level 1 – 3, 51% of students earned an overall Merit or Excellence Endorsement
  • Top Year 11 scholar, Chloe Grapentin (pictured at prize giving), earned a staggering 40 Excellence Credits in her end of year examinations. This was after earning 77 Excellence Credits internally, meaning, she accumulated the 50 Excellence credits required for endorsement twice over. 

* Students who left school part way through the year were not considered in calculations.