School Houses

On enrolment at Cornerstone each student is allocated a tribe (or house) for the purposes of inter-tribe events and competitions within the school.

The four tribes are:

  • Asher (green),
  • Issachar (yellow).
  • Naphtali (blue),
  • Zebulun (red)

Tribe competitions take place throughout the year, and include Athletics, Swimming, and team sports, in the summer, as well as Bible quizzes, and Performing Arts in the winter. Students are encouraged to compete in events wearing their tribe colours.

Read more about Tribe results at Cornerstone’s Dedicated Sports Website.

Current Tribe Competition Standings

Recent Tribe Competition News

Issachar Tribe Wins Swimming

For the second year in a row, Issachar tribe won Secondary Swimming Sports at Makino pool. Issachar, the tribe that appears to swim (and run) like a fish, took an early lead in the pool, leaving other tribes to battle for second place.  The high dive competition saw some memorable entrants this year, with costumes, flips, impersonations, and a few…

Year 7-13 Prize Giving 2018

Cornerstone’s first ever Year 7-13 Prize Giving was a night of special memories, celebrating successes and fond farewells. In the school tribe competition the big lead that Zebulun and Naphtali had mid-year, was slashed by the year’s final events. After the final event, which was school discipleship points, was counted Naphtali tribe won the overall shield by a whisker.  Winning…

Colourful Crossfit Games

Tribe teams of over 100 children competed in Tyre turning, rope running, and a whole tribe obstacle course in this afternoon’s end of term Tribe competition. Issachar tribe emerged victorious, winning the obstacle course by just a few seconds, and the tyre turning competition as well.  Once again Cornerstone’s values of kindness and humility were to the fore, as the…