Cornerstone boasts a number of performing arts and cultural groups. We encourage our students to get involved in performing arts tribe competitions, music, dance and cultural groups. We have three age-group kapahaka groups and a number of age-group worship bands. We participate in local Pacifika, Rockquest, Chamber Music, DanceNZmade, and Rotary Music Festival activities.

Itinerant music lessons are available onsite, during and outside of school hours with piano, guitar, and vocal lessons most popular. Epic Music Academy is popular for fun and affordable instrument lessons.  

Cultures Day: is a popular annual celebration of the many school cultures that make up our school and the kingdom of God. All members of the school community are encouraged to dress in their own cultural attire and to bring a dish and/or performance from their home country.

Recent Cultural News Articles

Excel School of Performing Arts Visit

With their funny and engaging show “Choices Matter”, Excel School of Performing Arts came and entertained Cornerstone’s secondary school today. For many the highlight was when a Cornerstone student was chosen to go up and dance with the group. For others it was the multi talented musicians. It was the first time Excel had been able to perform in the…

Wearable Arts Comp Out Of This World

With themes like Cosmos, and Nature Recycled, the student run Wearable Arts competition was a memorable Friday experience. Although not the most skillfully made costume, Samson Seumanu’s Cosmos entry, which involved a whole lot attitude, dancing, and fairy lights, was clearly the crowd favourite. Among the more serious entries were some immaculate painting, hand crafted armour, and an infamous bread…

Asher Tribe Star in End of Term Performances

The school Singing and Bible story competition went to a new level this year, with our school Gymnasium as the venue for the first time. Around 700 people came to hear the singing and bible stories, and were also treated to spaceship crashes, ninja fight scenes,  a fake Jesus, and a Grandma eating pizza.  Asher tribe continued their strong form…

Noah’s Ark Pet Day

If it Chirps, Barks, Purrs, or Crawls, it probably came to pet day. From a small horse to a giant spider, Aroha students brought in their pets to show off, learn more about God’s creation.