Enrolment Overview

Visiting the school

  • Prior to filling in an Application for Enrolment form, parents/caregivers may visit the school in order to determine whether it is a good fit for their child. Visits will be conducted by the Principal’s PA who will also, on request, arrange for parents/caregivers to meet with a Deputy Principal or Team Leader.
  • An open afternoon is normally held in August to allow students in Years 6 and 8, and their parents/caregivers, to learn more about secondary education at the school. The date and time is advertised on the website prior to the event.


Children who are NZ or Australian citizens, or who have a NZ residence visa or a NZ student visa which does not name a school, are eligible to apply for enrolment at Cornerstone Christian School. We are currently unable to enrol international fee-paying students.

Ministry of Education requirements

Cornerstone Christian School is currently under a Ministry of Education imposed maximum roll cap of 580 students. At least 95% of students at Cornerstone must be ‘preference’. ‘Preference’ is a Ministry of Education term which indicates that a student falls within the special character criteria (which is the school’s reason for existing). Cornerstone Christian School may only enrol ‘non-preference’ applicants if enrolment places remain after all ‘preference’ applicants have been enrolled and the board judges that the enrolment of the non-preference applicants will not compromise its ability to offer places to preference applicants who might apply for enrolment at a later date.

Preference of enrolment

Preference of enrolment is determined by the school’s proprietor, the Cornerstone Christian Education Trust. To qualify as a ‘preference’ enrolment at Cornerstone Christian School, a parent of the child must regularly attend an established Christian church and be a committed Christian, as attested to (in writing) by a senior church pastor/leader.

Non-preference enrolments

Due to our having more ‘preference’ applications for enrolment in 2021 than we are likely to have places for, we are unlikely (in 2021) to have places for ‘non-preference’ applicants.

Cohort entry for new entrants

Cornerstone Christian School has adopted cohort entry for new entrants (five year-olds). Each year, we have eight intake dates which fall at the start and mid-point of each school term. New entrants who have been offered a place may start school on the intake following their fifth birthday, or later on request.

Entry at other year levels

Places come up in Years 2-13 when students leave the school due to family relocation etc. In most instances, new students in Years 2-13 will start at the beginning of the school year.

Applying for enrolment

You may download our application documents OR pick up an enrolment pack from the school office. Please return the completed application documents to enrol@cornerstone.ac.nz or: The Enrolment Registrar, Cornerstone Christian School, 119 Mihaere Drive, Palmerston North 4414. We will contact you when your application documents have been received.

Enrolment agreement

The enrolment agreement on the Application for Enrolment form needs to be signed by a parent/caregiver who understands that the school’s Christian special character will form an integral part of the curriculum and agrees to pay the attendance dues (a compulsory fee charged by the proprietor of a state-integrated school which helps to cover the cost of land and buildings since these are not funded by the state). Learn more

Pre-enrolment processes

In September 2020, we will advertise the likely number of places that will be available for new students at each year level in 2021 and a cut-off date (likely Monday 12th October) by which applications must be received. Parents/caregivers will be asked to confirm or, if necessary, update the details held in our database (for their child) prior to the cut-off date. 

After the cut-off date, applications will be sorted into the order specified by the enrolment scheme and parents/caregivers will be notified of whether their child has been offered a place or (if not) of their place on the waiting list for their year level. A parent/caregiver whose child has been offered a place needs to accept or decline the place within 14 days. If they don’t accept it, it will then be offered to the student at the top of the waiting list for that year level. This process continues until all available places for the following year have been filled or until there are no students left on the waiting list.

‘Preference’ applicants living in the Area of Reasonable Convenience (Zone 1) may be enrolled separately to the processes described above (i.e. these applications will be considered throughout the year) however it will greatly assist us with our planning if their applications are made by the cut-off date.

Information available for inspection

A copy of the school’s enrolment scheme, the waiting list for each year level and an indication of the likely number of places available in the next enrolment intake (if available) will be held at the school office and available for inspection during normal school hours.

More information 

Enrolment forms     Enrolment scheme       If you have any questions, please contact the Principal’s PA (extn 6102).